Toyota is a well-known automobile company, but there are some things you need to know before purchasing one from a Toyota car dealer. The following article will review several facts about the Toyota car to help you make a well-informed choice when choosing your forthcoming vehicle!

You’re already familiar with Toyota, especially if you’re a happy owner! However, we’ve compiled a list of less commonly recognized fascinating facts regarding one of Australia’s unparalleled favorite vehicle brands.

So, buckle up for the ride!

Toyota Has Been a Player in The Vehicle Industry for More Than a Century

Toyota has dedicated itself to serving society with sustainable mobility over the last 100 years. Toyota has an extensive track record of manufacturing cars with a lower environmental impact when contrasted with other automobile manufacturers.

The average Toyota Prius emits 57.07% fewer pollutants than a typical petrol car per 100,000 miles. Toyota is dedicated to reducing city traffic jams by bringing technologies and conducting programs that motivate more individuals to use public transit.

Aside from being ecologically conscious, many Toyota vehicles also include innovative safety features and space-saving designs, making them a good pick for users of any size or shape.

Toyota’s dedication to making it economical, dependable, and environmentally friendly is one of the primary explanations for its success.

Toyota has worked for almost a century to manufacture fuel-efficient cars and contribute to an improved future for society by fostering environmentally friendly travel.

Toyota Owns More Than 250,000 Trademarks

They do not just have 259,537 patents but also 941,418 requests for patents. Toyota was listed among the top 300 organizations who were granted patents in the United States for a period of three in a row. They are also the only automaker in the top twenty patent awardees, mostly computer companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Toyota’s latest patent was for a cloaking device. The cloaking device bends light around solid surfaces by strategically placing mirrors. It could capable to allow drivers to navigate through blind spots like pillars. Toyota is devoted to applying technology to render driving more enjoyable and secure.

Toyota Has Transformed the Production Sector as A Whole

Toyota’s production system has revolutionized the whole manufacturing business, just like the assembly line created by Henry Ford transformed the auto industry. Lean manufacturing is a component of the Toyota Production System (TPS).

Lean manufacturing eliminates waste in all forms, including waste movement, physical waste, and wasteful machinery.

Another aspect of TPS involves having a system of inventory that decreases overall stocks and waste by keeping only what is required on hand. These ideas have been utilized in fields other than manufacturing, such as healthcare, retail, service sectors, and government.

Toyota Prioritizes Passenger Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration evaluates crash-tested automobiles, with 1 star representing the least amount of protection accessible and 5 stars representing the maximum amount of protection available. Toyota has obtained the NHTSA’s highest attainable rating of five stars.

They also got top honors from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, IIHS. Toyota and Lexus earned Top Security Pick on nine distinct models.

The IIHS discovered that in the event of a crash, the driver was safeguarded by airbags and additional safety systems, posing a low risk of serious injury.

Toyoda Is the Japanese Spelling of Toyota

Kiichi Toyoda founded Toyota in 1936. His father founded and operated Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. As one can see, the family’s name is spelled with a “d.”

Kiichiro Toyoda was relocating resources from his father’s business and wanted to maintain his business name. He sponsored a logo design contest for his new venture, which garnered 27,000 entries!

The winning logo used a stylized version of Japanese lettering to spell out the word “Toyota.” Toyoda became a soft and easier-to-say word with the letter change.

It’s also a sign of good fortune in Japanese – the number eight is considered auspicious, and the spelling change altered the organization’s name to eight brush strokes. The previous logo was eventually replaced with the current stylized “T.”

Toyota’s current logo consists of three overlapped ovals representing the unity of their customers’ hearts on the first oval and the soul of Toyota goods on the third oval, representing a blank sheet of technical innovation and limitless prospects.

Bottom Line

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