You are in a pleasant mood behind the wheel, excited about meeting with one of your best friends whom you saw a decade ago. You are certainly at the top of the world. Minutes feel like hours, and amid a flush of excitement, you put your foot down. The next thing you see, your car rams into another.

Mishaps can happen at any time and without warning – that is their cruel nature. But now you are in deep water, and you must try to find a way to save your bacon. Sometimes accidents happen because of the recklessness of the other party, but you fail to prove to them that they are at fault. Here comes a dash camera.

There are several dash cameras that you can use to prevent yourself from a difficult situation like an accident. With the help of these cameras, you can easily prove that the other party was at fault, which led to a collision. One of the benefits of these cameras is that they record everything and remove the scope for he-said, she-said arguments.

If your vehicle does not have the potential to install a dash camera, use an aftermarket unit. It will record everything. These cameras will not burn a hole in your pocket as they are all very affordable. However, if you still need some money to pay for them, you can take out no refusal payday loans in the UK from direct lenders.

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam

This camera records a 150° field of view with a resolution of up to 2160P. It keeps recording continuously, so you will not miss anything. It comes with super night vision technology that makes these cameras worthwhile even for night driving. What makes these cameras better than others is they automatically record everything and save it in a chunk of three minutes.   Here are the other features of these cameras:

  • Download a Rove app to view and manage recordings. This is compatible with both iOS and Android. This will allow you to download the video on your smartphone directly. It also allows you to send it to others or share it on social media sites.
  • It comes with a GPS feature, meaning it will record the exact driving location and speed. The app can also let you know the driving route on Google Maps. You will need Wi-Fi to access this feature.
  • In addition to a 150° wide-angle lens, the dash camera features parking mode, motion detection, loop-cycle recording, time-lapse video, emergency video lock, slow-moving video, and storage up to 512GB.
  • It uses advanced software to provide you with a personalised experience.

Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

It is a tiny camera, but do not make any decision based on its size because it can do a lot more than your expectations. It records everything in high definition, so the video looks perfectly fine. Here are the features of this camera:

  • Since it has a car-key size, you can easily mount it on a rear-view camera, and the best part is that it remains unnoticed. It will keep recording and saving videos.
  • It comes with 140° lens records that record everything with a 1080p video quality. It is suitable for night scenes as well.
  • This camera is unique from other dash cameras because it can take your command. However, the languages it allows are English, French, German, Swedish and Spanish. You can even command to start or stop recording.
  • You do not need to hassle with saving videos as you can upload them using a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Equipped with a parking guard feature, a notification will pop up if any incident happens. You will need to download a Garmin app on your smartphone.
  • You can access the footage even if you are away from your car. The Live View monitoring option makes it possible. However, it will need a constant power supply and a Wi-Fi connection.

Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam

This is also a budget-friendly camera that provides you with all the features. The best part about this camera is that you can install it in multiple ways. You can use it as a rear camera or backup camera. Here are the features:

  • This camera can simultaneously record the front with a 170° wide angle and the rear with a 150° wide angle. It can also provide you with a great night vision.
  • As it is featured with built-in GPS, it will allow you to record the route and the driving speed. You will need GXPlayer to play such videos.
  • This dash camera comes with a better image effect quality that makes it capable of recording even in dim light. You can clearly monitor everything.
  • G-sensor will activate as a collision is detected when you are away from the car. Despite the fact that no storage space is left, the camera will keep recording using its Loop Recording feature.
  • Unlike other cameras, this dash camera provides a two-year warranty. In addition, it offers lifetime technical support as well.

The final word

There are several other dash cameras that you can try to prevent yourself from the blame game when a collision happens. Most of these cameras have more or less the same features and all of them are budget-friendly.

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However, you are still advised that you borrow money when you are absolutely sure about your repaying capacity. These loans are very small loans and aid back in full. You may fall into a debt spiral if you fail to do so. You can buy these dash cameras from their official websites or retail stores like Amazon. You will likely get them at a discounted price if bought online.

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